5th November - 5th January 2013

John Rylands Library in Manchester

The John Rylands Library
150 Deansgate
Manchester  M3 3EH



a cabinet of sonic curiosities explored through the ears, eyes and the imagination

Kinokologue is made possible by a Micro Commission from Cornerhouse, with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation


Kinokophone are very happy to be collaborating with David Marsh Furniture on the build of the cabinet.

Kinokophone would like to thank physics technician, Jay Smith for his support with the custom made electronic elements.

Kinokologue developed out of a conversation regarding what we should do with the many hours of recordings we have stored on our hard drives. Each sound had been collected for a particular project or on the whim of hearing something intriguing. Stored as data files, they remain indefinitely waiting for someone to initiate their release into the world...

The result is  a cabinet of sonic curiosities explored through the ears, eyes and the imagination.


世界中から音を集めるキノコフォンが持つ、膨大な音のコレクションは ハードディスクの中で世に出る機会を待っています。キノコログはそんな音達のアーカイブをキノコフォン流につくろうと 始まったプロジェクトです。

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