In addition to creating our own audiovisual work, we also design and lead artistic workshops.  Our workshops can cover basic field recording techniques, sonic storytelling, interviewing and recording techniques for oral histories, podcasting, using sound to experience other kinds of artwork in a new way and basic audio post-production skills.  Kinokophone can also help to facilitate the production of film our sound projects made by young people, community groups or local organisations. 

We’ve previously worked in collaboration with community groups on the following projects: 

  • Bolton Council Traveler Education - Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month - oral histories
  • Manchester City Council - Ardwick Heritage Audio Trail
  • Rathbone - digital storytelling with young people
  • East Harlem Senior Nutrition Program:  Recuerdos del Barrio
  • St. Luke's Art Project:  Five Ways of Listening
  • MadLab:  Northern Quarter Oral Histories

Previous clients have included  Manchester Art Gallery, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, The New York Public Library for Performing Arts