Kinokophone welcomes field recordists, phonographers and curious listeners to join us for Kinokophonography.

Illustration by T.S. Selm

Kinokophone welcomes curious listeners to Kinokophonography, a curated sound cinema event featuring audio works from around the world.  The event explores the experience of listening by sharing sound recordings and discussing what the process of making them can bring to life.  Hear the world in all its variety, beauty and strangeness and join us in celebration of the sounds around us. 

 Kinokophonography at  The Whitworth

Kinokophonography at The Whitworth


Watch this space for news of upcoming Kinokophonography events!  

Hey Everyone! We've just released our first Kinokophonography Compilation!

In the meantime, why not have a listen to the Kinokophonography Radio Retrospective?